multicolour paperclips

tomorrow i get to do something a little bit out of the ordinary.

for my work day that is.

i’m helping judge a “history fair” at one of the local schools, alongside some political suits and my boss. you remember science fairs in elementary school? similar to that but about local history; they get to create a project on a subject of their own choosing, and i think it’s an interesting way to get kids excited about history besides just reading it out of a text.  i believe the age range is gr. 4-7 and i’m kind of hoping i see some gems like this picture that was sent to me after the last round of gr. 2’s visited the museum. i was chuffed to realize they did listen.

anything out of the ordinary happen to you this week?



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4 responses to “multicolour paperclips

  1. I think I have some 100 years ago clothes in my closet actually. My favourite cardigan certainly falls into that category.

    I’ll bet you will have a blast, being all judgly! For some reason, I picture you striding purposefully from exhibit to exhibit, in the no nonsense manner of a dog show judge.

  2. Mine does as well. Cardigans are like good wine, they’re better as they age.

    Ha! I’ll try out my best Jane Lynch à la Best in Show. Perhaps wear boots with heels…frighten the kids with the click clack. No, that’s just cruel.

  3. kelly

    something out of the ordinary huh?
    hmmm ok this has never ever happened to me before…..
    I turned 48 today

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you got some cake too.

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