hey rainmaker, come away from that man



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11 responses to “hey rainmaker, come away from that man

  1. So unfair that you folks don’t get a holiday today! The offspring even had to write an exam.

    Does it help at all that Vancouver was named the #1 most livable city in the world?

  2. Boo to an exam on Monday!

    I read that today too. Most “livable” city with the lowest minimum wage in all of Canada, and highest real estate…hmm. It sure is damn pretty to look at though. We pay for the view. ;)

  3. kelly

    i sorta took part of today off. Went to the dentist and had 3 fillings replaced. yippee.

    That most livable city thing eludes me.It is nice and there is lots to do but what good is that if most of ones salary is spent just being there

  4. There is definitely a plethora of things to do here, and I really do love that. As well as an abundance of natural resources, but one really does pay for that. The average 2 bedroom house is $800,000…yikes.

  5. Hey, we didn’t have a holiday today– what is this holiday you speak of?

  6. KELLY

    I moved from Winnipeg to Vancouver Island in 1996. Sold my house there for $68,000. I was shocked to find out I had to pay $152,000 for a house here. The assessed value is now about $350,000. To me that seems crazy and it is nowhere near the prices that things are in the lower mainland or Victoria. I don’t know how people do it there. Many people will never own homes. For $800,000 I don’t think I could do it alone, the two of us maybe.

  7. John: Family Day, which is apparently province specific.

    Kelly: Most people if living here accept that the surroundings are their backyards and are happy to living in apartments. Even still, to own a condo or flat you’re looking at 400,000 plus. Next to impossible to do on your own, yes.

  8. kelly

    Having lived in an apartment for a number of years I could be ok with that. There are advantages. Many people talk about in the end not having anything and the equity you build up by owning etc. But there are huge additional costs to owning a home. Property taxes being one that grows every year. Some areas of the lower mainland have property taxes that run over $500 a month. Two years ago we needed to re-shingle the house I along with a few friends from work did it ourselves and another friend works for the company that sells the shingles and he got a discount on the product even then it was over $2000.

  9. iduality

    Definitely pros and cons for each situation for sure. I’d be quite happy to live in a flat for the rest of my life. It’d just be nice to own it outright and not pay rent. Ah well.

  10. f

    Now I’ve got THAT song stuck in my head… thanks. ;)

  11. So strange, on Monday I woke up with that playing in my head…kinda out of nowhere.

    And you’re welcome! ;)

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