i’m the fire on the mountain you have lit up in your dream

three things that perplexed me today…

why does everyone keep saying its a long weekend? i have to work tomorrow, and i’m not aware of a stat.

why granville island was so packed today. you’d think we’d just had three months of straight rain or something. okay, that one doesn’t really count i guess.

the word squash. hating saying it, hate eating it and especially hate having to write about it. it is not a pleasant sounding word.

the hundreds of birds i saw this afternoon when i was getting onto granville highway. thought i was stuck in a hitchcock picture. i wonder if birds have always been plenty, and now i am just noticing them more because of angry birds. yeah, i wonder. if i start seeing moustache pigs…

three things you’ve pondered today, or that have perplexed you?



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4 responses to “i’m the fire on the mountain you have lit up in your dream

  1. I’m not even sure if I was perplexed by three things today. I had a rather non-perplexing day.

  2. kelly

    I know nothing about a long weekend either.
    Is s squish a better word? I like that one because it makes me think of squishing my toes in the sand as the waves roll in.

    I must have pondered something I can’t recall, I’ll have to try and remember any ponderisms I have over the next while

  3. Barb: As a Sunday should be, right?

    Kelly: I think some of the other provinces have what is called “family day” – in BC we get Remembrance Day off, so it balances the scales. Actually, I think some provinces get Nov. 11th off too. Guess BC is behind the times, as per usual.

    Not a fan of squish either.

  4. kelly

    I got an email from my sister in Sask that went something like “nah nah we have a holiday and you don’t”

    maybe you just need to squish more

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