Really digging the new Radiohead album, and thinking Thom perfectly channeled Natalie Portman in Black Swan in the video for Lotus Flower.

Reminiscing over dinner last night at Burgoo with Barb. It’s my favourite place to go for good comfort food. Now if only coffee shops on Main Street wouldn’t close by 6:30pm, and all my friends lived in the same city…

Would like to talk to the person who decided timed online grant applications were a good idea. As if they weren’t complicated enough. Trying to calculate wages, etc under the clock is like a bad tenth grade math midterm all over again. Throw in sections where one actually has to articulate methodologies just gives me a migraine. Perhaps share the questions ahead of time? Government wankers.

The wanker parts goes out to you to UPS man.

Thinking I need to incorporate scones into my breakfast more often. This cranberry/raspberry/blueberry concoction is delish.

Pondering my writing assignment for this week. I have to write a manifesto. Thinking of stealing a page from Hemingway and using the six word kind…

Currently…you are?



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5 responses to “currently…

  1. Mr Magpie


    Getting drunk on the auditory wine that is the new radiohead…

    Pondering the bookstore or the library… hmm…

    Working on a rap song that is part black metal part university fight song…

    Thinking about making Israeli couscous for lunch….

  2. quite delicious isn’t?

    i reckon the used bookstore would have it over the library. online search before you go eliminates the pondering. ;)

    be interested to hear about you could make a uni fight song non irritating.

    you should try that falafel too…

  3. kelly

    liking ho bright the snow makes things look.
    disliking how slushy it will be later as it melts
    thinking your scone sounded wonderful
    thinking I would like a piece of pumpkin pie

  4. I am wondering what on earth Vancouver airport wifi did to my computer, as I can’t access some sites now, the Radiohead download one among them.

    Fondly reminiscing about dinner last night. Despite the need to hang out at a lame Starbucks afterward, it was a wonderful evening. I wonder who is winning chess tonight?

  5. iduality

    Kelly: it’s been bright and sunny here for the last few days, I am hoping it stays.

    Scone was great – hope you found some pumpkin pie!

    Barb: funny, whenever I visit Calgary it always messes with my computer. Hope you were able to sort things out so you can listen to the album! Or at least watch the Lotus Flower video ;)

    Yes, that was disappointing. Although when the chess players wished us “good luck” at the end it kind of made up for it!

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