bound to happen eventually

on open days i tend to stick with tasks i can pick up and leave if i get interrupted. this usually means catching up on data entry for the collection.

at noon stephen fry comes on, with the harry potter.

i just noticed that not once, not twice, but three times i’ve typed in the word “gryffindor” into the  database, unconsciously, when tying to type in this donor’s name who starts with a “g”.

i think this is cause to make and official gryffindor grievance.

any words that keep repeatedly popping up in your vocabulary recently?



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5 responses to “bound to happen eventually

  1. kelly


  2. kelly

    it could be my pirate sound?

  3. And Gryffindor is not the easiest word to type either! Well done, you. On days when I am in Vancouver, I tend to mock Lady Garmin a fair bit. ie, big sigh “reCALculating!”

  4. Kelly: Have to be a few letters less for that sound.

    Barb: I love hearing you say that too, although I hope you haven’t been too lost on this trip. I no longer need the GPS, which is a good thing, I believe mine had suicidal tendencies.

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