candy heart rejects

When I’m not blogging, I’m typically on Twitter, and I saw this today from Nick Frost and it made me chuckle.

“I’m sorry you have to find out like this but Sir Swims A Lot died this morning while you were at the dentist #candyheartrejects”

Candy heart rejects? Or perhaps ones you’d like to see?




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6 responses to “candy heart rejects

  1. ali

    Ha! I’m guessing that ‘we need to talk’, ‘i’m keeping the kids’ and ‘you’re crap in bed’ may have been candy heart rejects. ;-)

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, lovely! Hope it’s better than last year (maybe stay out of moving vehicles). xo

  2. iduality

    Ha! We should print our own. ;)

    And to you as well! Yes, I plan to limit time in moving vehicles today. This is the first year in many I am not road trippin’ somewhere. Kind of nice this stationary business.

  3. f

    “You make wanna go all Charlie Sheen”

    “I had to marry someone”

    “You’re almost as cute as your sister”

    “I have money”

  4. Oh, Charlie Sheen. Always a good punchline!

    Maybe if he and Lindsay Lohan got together all the insanity would cancel each other out.

  5. “may contain traces of candy spleens”

  6. shall never be able to eat them again, now. ;)

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