eating coconut wafers and drinking aloe vera juice.

laughing over a text message i just received from my friend annie. amazing how something so simple can lift your day.

realizing i kind of dislike writing in the third person.

thinking about making pad thai for dinner.

wondering if i should dye my hair, or continue to let this blonde poke though.

enjoying the tap of the rain against the window. goes well with the kate bush coming from the stereo.

happy that the Gamer and i have reached a noise agreement.

even happier to hear about Mubarak stepping down!

currently…you are?



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7 responses to “currently…

  1. f


    Hoping the Egyptians are able to find a good resolution now that Mubarak is gone.

    Waiting for Timber Timbre’s new album to fall into my lap, hope it’s not a long wait.

    Enjoying rosemary and garlic roasted almonds.

    Thinking about cooking jerk chicken tomorrow as it takes 12hrs to marinate.

    Cursing Matt Sweeney for being brilliant and complex when brilliant and simple is what I needed.

  2. Yes, hopefully something will surface soon. Seems there are copies out there.

    Those sound good! Don’t think I’ve ever had flavored almonds before. Well, besides salted I guess.

    What kind of a marinade is that in?

    Brilliant and simple is hard to come by.

  3. – wondering if aloe vera juice tastes as nasty as it sounds
    – waiting for the SU to arrive home from the airport
    – pleased with my trip to the farmers’ market today
    – getting excited about heading to the cost, except for that rain part

  4. It actually tastes amazing. I was skeptical when I first saw it too, but it’s really sweet. I will bring you some next week ;)

    Sounds like you cleaned up at the market – hope you can make some tasty creations!

    Rained for the first time this week today, maybe it will clear just for you!

  5. kelly

    Feeling very sad that a new friend is dying of cancer and we aren’t able to see him. We met Russ and his wife Julie in Turkey, they are from Australia. We hit it off immediately and were making plans to visit again as soon as possible. Russ had no signs or symptoms then and it was only October. Julie tells us now that he is thin and frail and the doctors told him to get his affairs in order.

  6. I’m really sorry to hear that Kelly. Must be quite a shock for your friends, to have this happen so quickly. My thoughts are with them. Perhaps you could video Skype from here. Not the same as being there, but the next best thing.

  7. ali

    Currently, I’m marveling that aloe vera juice exists. Who knew?! It sounds super healthy, though!

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