vacation fantasy

Let’s go to Ireland and rent a castle.

It has its own lake, so I’m sure prices are reasonable.

Who’s with me?

Actually, to be honest, I rather fancy the stone cottage. I mean, it has a red door. And who doesn’t love a colourful entry way.

Sometimes, on my lunch, I’ll plan holidays I’ll never go on.

What do you do on yours? Besides eat, of course.



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5 responses to “vacation fantasy

  1. I actually prefer the stone cottage, which has a much nicer decor. And yes, one always need a colourful door. So I’m in for 20 pounds per night, go ahead and book it.

    I read the paper and the internet during my lunch. And listen to CBC, sometimes while also listening to music. Lunch is brief, one must get it all in there.

  2. Excellent! Yes, I agree. Take me anywhere that has a bath tub and I’m game. Oh, how I miss having a tub. I love the blue door at your house. So welcoming.

    We’ve become efficient at multitasking, haven’t we?

  3. Eating is the best part. We may go to Amsterdam this summer.

    Love the red door.

  4. Ha. Fair enough.

    I’ve only seen the airport in Amsterdam, and it was lovely, so I can imagine the city is as well. The airport has a museum and lots of cheese and tulip shops, lovely!

  5. The city is wonderful, yes. Worth a repeat visit.

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