this is why we don’t have nice things

I lost another hat this weekend.

The one I had purchased in England to replace the hat I lost in a blizzard in Oxford.

I had grown quite fond of this one too. Sadly, it met same demise as the last.

Fell out of my lap while I was getting out of the car, and I didn’t even notice.

This is why I don’t purchase expensive accessories.

And I now understand why my parents insisted I attach strings to my  outer wear when I was a child.

Soon, I’m going to have to start leaving post-it reminders for myself on the dash.

What about you; do you tend to loose things easily? Or are you on top of your game?

Saw this yesterday on Granville Island.



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8 responses to “this is why we don’t have nice things

  1. kelly

    I hate to admit it because it sounds so.. “fuss ass-ish” I rarely lose things. I come in the house and my keys get hung up, coat hung up etc. If we go to a restaurant and I set my sunglasses on the table I will put my car keys beside them because if I get out to the car without keys I can’t go asnywhere, sunglasses perhaps. As I type this I look at my desk and think oh oh this is a disaster it doesn’t fit into my organized pattern, neither does the work bench in the garage. But I always seem to be able to find things, it may take a while, but I can eventually find it.

  2. I really only loose hats. And mittens. Okay, and I misplaced my pocket watch…

    I can live in organized chaos at home and find things perfectly, it’s when I venture out I tend to loose things. At least that’s what I tell myself.

  3. kelly

    of all the things I’ve lost…I miss my mind the most

    I find a disorganized living environment to be quite agitating. It sounds like I expect everything to be in it’s place. It’s not like that at all, just in relation to my family. If you were to come into my house you would see stuff on the counter and tables etc. I know there have been a couple books on the counter for 2 weeks now. (One I highly recommend is Freakonomics). Sometimes I think I was adopted because I seem to be quite different from the rest of my family. They all seem to thrive in chaos. When I go to Regina to visit them I find when I leave it feels like I have been holding my breath the whole time. I don’t criticize them because I’m a guest and it’s their homes not mine.

  4. We all operate differently, right. My place is full of “love clutter” but it’s not messy/dirty there is a difference. I just have a penchant for that kind of stuff.

    To someone it’s chaos, to another it’s organized chaos. :)

  5. I don’t tend to lose things very often. Especially now that I have a much larger purse. I can just shove everything in there now and I don’t have to remove something to find something else on the bottom, as I used to have to do with my old (and much smaller) purse.

    What a shame about your hat, though!

  6. You might be onto something. I moved to a much smaller, and more manageable purse, and I started loosing things. Perhaps I should make the switch back. A 10 pound purse is what’s missing from my life at the moment. ;)

  7. I lose everything. Mittens, hats, car keys, remote controls, my wallet, my glasses, day planners, books, a boy named Kevin, my iPod, my jacket, my Visa, swimming trunks, plane tickets, movie tickets, my train of thought, leprosy, a leopard, lions, tigers, bears, oh my, windmills and something about Don Quixote.

  8. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who looses track of their windmill. ;)

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