Saw this on Etsy.

So, if you could…

p.s. Something that made me smile today. My friend Will posted this video titled “Street Beats” on his tumblr for WBB Films.



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4 responses to “create

  1. Hey Allison – thanks for linking to the video. Much to come now that I am steadily coming out of blog hibernation :)

  2. I think I would just go ahead and create utopia. No god complex here!

    Nice to see Will wading back into the murky blog pool!

  3. f

    I would create elephants the size of chihuahuas, because you can’t really create world peace, so chihuahua sized elephants would be the next best thing.

  4. Will: Excellent! Look forward to more clips. Although I’m still holding out for that podcast… ;)

    Barb: None at all. ;) Always good to see an old friend resurface into the blogsphere isn’t?

    F: That’s funny you mention chihuahua sized elephants – I had a picture of a child and a tiny baby elephant I was going to post for “Wordless Wednesday.” They would indeed be the next best thing. Next to teacup pigs, that is.

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