still kind of amazed at the wealth of fantastic music that came out this week. i cannot get the new Pains of Being Pure at Heart off repeat. and that new Fleet Foxes is quite delicious too. and Papercuts…winter daze indeed.

wondering why everyone in my dream last night was wearing “hammer pants.” very perplexing.

thinking that even though everyone said it was “expected” i was still gutted over the news of the White Stripes break-up. i think because they are the band that got me back into music. there were a few years there in the late 90s where nothing was appealing to me, and then i remember seeing them on The Wedge with ‘Fell in Love with a Girl’ and it blew my mind. that feeling where you immediately need to know everything about this band, and i went out then and got all their records. one of my favourite songs under 2 mins to this day.

pondering going to the art gallery here in MR tomorrow to listen to a lecture titled “Come Dance with Me: Reflections on the Late Medieval Imagery of the Dance of Death.” is it bad i spend my non work time at museums and galleries, too?

thinking shreddies are an underrated cereal.

looking forward to starting my writing class at Emily Carr this weekend. need a new notebook. stat.

currently…you are?



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  1. f


    Avoiding the Pains of Being Pure at Heart because of their awful name and despite the fact that everyone tells me they are good.

    Working on new songs to learn and sing, but not any of the songs off Songs To Learn And Sing.

    Dismayed that the people involved in The Postal Service seem to have abandoned the idea of a 2nd album.

    Hoping Jack White will produce the “final” Rolling Stones album now that he has some time. I think they picked a good time to nail it on the head. Not one bad album.

    Looking forward to making more Israeli Couscous.

  2. They are good; and you would probably like their music. Oh well.

    Hope brainstorming is successful. Reminds me I haven’t spun that record in a while.

    Hadn’t heard that rumour. Interesting. Yeah, suppose. Still bummed. But looking forward to whatever Jack does next.

    Israeli Couscous is delish! I never really liked couscous until I had some of it. I like the size better than the regular kind. You should make it with some falafel, perhaps. Both are staples around these parts.

  3. f

    I’ll get around to them eventually. Just stubborn.

    Have never made falafel, maybe that will be my next culinary adventure. Yeah I like the size and texture of Israeli Couscous better. Make it with chick peas, almond slivers and dried cranberries, yum.

  4. Perhaps they’ll end up as an untitled track in a cd that finds itself to you at some point. ;)

    Well, you’ve got the recipe! They are good compliments. Yum. Made my mouth water a bit. Never tried it with cranberries before, should do. I like to chop up different veg with it sometimes. I’ve had it mixed with feta before too while out.

    I think I’m going to do a chick pea curry for dinner tonight.

  5. That new Pains of Being Pure at Heart song is really nice! But what’s with the running commentary that Pitchfork has accompanying it – that’s just annoying.

    I think if you have a hankering to spend your free time at museums, then you are obviously in the right line of work.

  6. Yeah, I was hoping just to find the single but couldn’t yet. Looking forward to the album in a few months!

    That’s a good point. Never thought of it like that! :)

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