I’ve never been one of those people who could sleep in until the last possible second and then dash out the door with five minutes to spare. I’ve also never been one to use an alarm clock, so my internal clock must be spot on.

I typically allow myself an hour or so in the morning before I have to head out. Lately, The Gamer has been awakening me an hour before I usually get up, and while it was annoying at first, trying to fall back asleep for that hour (which was never successful), I just decided to get up then and well, I’ve turned my morning around and it’s been quite productive.

Besides leaving time for general morning Interneting, I’ve been able to do dinner prep and general tidying. This morning I even managed to write a letter to a friend. I should keep this up, although it does make the work day seem a bit longer.

And I do love an extra five minutes to lay back down on the bed that’s been remade and listen to some music. I mean, who wouldn’t?

What’s your morning routine? Can you go without caffeine in the morning?



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8 responses to “multivitamins

  1. kelly

    Get up
    Feed dog
    Put coffee on while dog is eating
    Let dog out to pee while coffee is brewing
    Feed dog peanut butter and glucosamine
    Get her lunch (and mine too) ready
    Put her oatmeal in microwave…(apparently having hair means she takes forever to get ready and is always running behind pffft)
    Pour coffee for her and deliver it to bathroom where she is doing whatever women do in there for hours on end
    Make sure she can find her keys, purse, lunch, shoes (pick at least one for every day)
    Make sure she eats her oatmeal
    Send her to work
    Pour my coffee in go mug
    Take dog to park to visit his friends
    Get myself shaved, showered and dressed in remaining 10 minutes I have to get to work

    Easy huh

  2. Sounds like you’ve got that routine down cold! Although there is not much time left for you.

    I typically get showered, dressed, etc in 15-20 mins. I think this stems from my childhood though, as we were never allowed to have showers longer than 5 mins. In my family, the men take hours and my mother and I are always the ones left waiting. I will say it does take longer for long hair to dry, but not hours.

  3. I don’t even want to tell you my morning routine, because it illustrates just how lazy I have become since I no longer have a real job. Suffice it to say that by the time I get up, drink a bit of coffee (which I can live without, but I like it), clean the litterbox, do some internetting, workout, shower, get dressed, and eat, it’s noon.

    I too like to have a bit of extra time in the morning, although that does not mean I want to actually get up any earlier.

  4. Well, you’re enjoying a leisurely morning for the rest of us. And for all the years they weren’t so laid back. :)

    I’m hoping in a little while I’ll get used to the earlier morning. I suppose I could also start my work day sooner, and leave a little earlier at the end of the day.

  5. elly

    do you feel sorry for me?

  6. kelly

    oops t was kelly not elly

  7. No, as you choose to do those things. :)

  8. kelly

    you’re right I should stop and make her do her own stuff. I’ll tell her, thanks for the advice

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