this song is gonna tell ya how i feel

My workday was filled with little annoyances. Things that could have easily slipped into my evening, yet, when I got back to my flat, my mailbox was filled with non bills (woo!) and also the Sam Cooke record I had ordered a few weeks back.

Right now my apartment is filled with music and chatter, as I’m listening to One Night Stand (live). It’s evalated my mood so quickly. Never ceases to amaze me how intoxicating good music is.

I’m not even bothered that I have to spend the rest of the evening doing laundry and catching up on chores, because after Mr. Cooke, I have some Papercuts listening to attend too.

Simple pleasures that made your day?



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8 responses to “this song is gonna tell ya how i feel

  1. Fleur

    Baby Skunk Warning Stomps.

    I like it :D

  2. Ha! That video needs a voice-over; “Listen to me, listen to me!! Or beware…”

  3. f

    A new Low song is out today to FYI…

    As for simple pleasures, I had a hot cocoa on a cold day.

  4. Yeah, I was just reading that. Downloaded the single, enjoyable. Wednesday music goodness, it is! Apparently the album is streaming, on SubPop for those who pre-ordered it, so might be a webrip up soonish.

    Can’t go wrong with that.

  5. kelly

    I always really liked Sam Cooke, haven’t listened to him in years, I’ll have to remedy that. For some strange reason I’ve never minded doing laundry, I didn’t say I like it, I just don’t mind it.

    Simple pleasure of the day; one of those wonderful wintergreen life savers that reminds me of my youth.

  6. How lovely to have great mail waiting for you, especially when you ordered the album some time ago. Delayed gratification can be so satisfying. As can Sam Cooke!

    An afternoon at the museum made my day, not the simplest of life’s pleasures perhaps, but sitting immersed in a single exhibition for 45 minutes surely is.

  7. Kelly: Definitely should, he’s great listening! I wouldn’t mind laundry except the machine in my new apartment are quite crappy and it’s really expensive.

    Nice when a sweet can bring you back. I’m that way with date squares.

    Barb: Really changes the mood of the day, doesn’t?

    I’m such a geek, because even though I spend my day doing that, I still love to hang out in other galleries/museums on my days off. Glad the exhibition was so much fun.

  8. The true test of an artist’s talent is the longevity of his music, and Sam Cooke still sounds good after almost 50 years. Thanks for remembering him here.

    Erik Greene
    Author, “Our Uncle Sam: The Sam Cooke Story From His Family’s Perspective”

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