i save coupons for packets of tea

Now that it’s officially February, I can say that I have gone a whole month without having caffeine, chocolate or cheese.

This was a test to see if it affected my migraines.

Of the 31 days in January, I had a headache/migraine for 24 of those days.

I would kill for a cuppa right now, but I’m wondering if I should give it another month? I don’t know how long it takes to get all those things out of your system. On the other side, I honestly don’t think those ingredients are affecting my migraines. It must just be environmental. I guess my head really is just a barometer then. Only wish specialist appointments didn’t take so long…

What’s your biggest vice?



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6 responses to “i save coupons for packets of tea

  1. I thought that caffeine left your system pretty rapidly – after a couple of weeks, but I could be wrong about that. From here, it does not really sound as though this approach is working. Blast!

    My biggest vice? Where to begin? I’ll start with sloth, but I am too lazy to think up any more…

  2. I guess it’s good that I can eat those foods again. Yet, I think I might stick with limited caffeine.

    The weather here is definitely the biggest factor in the migraines. One of my doctors suggested I move to a different climate. The only place I’ve ever been for an extended period of time when I didn’t experience migraines was in the desert.

    Ha! It’s the winter…sloth-like behaviour is allowed. ;)

  3. bloody awful poetry

    You should probably stay with the less-caffeine system. Hope it works out :)
    What about the cheese though? You need cheese in your life.

    And that picture is adorable, by the way.

  4. I think I will. Just need to get some caffeine free tea!

    There is something in certain cheeses (can’t recall the official name now, starts with a T) that is suppose to trigger migraines. More in aged cheese than other kinds.

    Made me smile. :)

  5. kelly

    my vice, anything sweet, desserts, candy anything sweet dammit.

  6. idualilty

    Hopefully you have a good dental plan! ;)

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