etch-a-sketch > magna doodle

every so often the need to destroy something seeks up on me. ever feel this?

it can be  as simple as taking something apart, just to see if i can put it back together (note: rubik’s cubes are tricky buggers to put back together). or it can be a bit more messy…

i kind of woke up this morning feeling that.  and in lieu of physically destroying something, art sunday it shall be.



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4 responses to “etch-a-sketch > magna doodle

  1. Even the thought of taking apart an Etch-a-Sketch makes me gasp a little. Such a rebel, to even think about it. Except now I want to.

  2. I’ve always had a fascination with taking apart gadgets. Only wish I was clever enough to put them back together. ;)

  3. I took apart my bike as a child and buried the pieces so I wouldn’t be caught. Stolen.

  4. You took apart your only mode of transport? Wow. Odd that the pieces were stolen…seeing as they were buried.

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