a series of tubes…

I saw this on Dlisted this morning and it made me chuckle.

1994 doesn’t seem that long ago, but when you hear them talk of the @ symbol it makes you realize how quickly time flies.

Also, a funny take on the current state of the web.

And a not so funny topic; the CRTC and metered internet.  Not good. Not good at all. It costs about 1cent for the service providers to route a GB of data, and they are looking to charge between $1-4 per GB ontop of regular fees.

Go sign the online petition on Open Media if you don’t want to pay byte by byte for your Interweb use. The motion has already been passed, so the final decision is likely to happen really soon. As the rest of the world advances in technology, we get a push back by a regulatory body in place to control Can Con? Wait, I’ve seen this before…



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2 responses to “a series of tubes…

  1. It’s insane what the big communications corporations can get away with in this country. I signed the petition earlier and don’t intend to take this lying down.

  2. I know, it is really frightening. If they think by charging so much for internet people will go back to watching television, they’re kidding themselves. There was a really great article in the Globe and Mail about this last week. Talking about resources like the NFB archive now being available for everyone to finally use, which saw millions of downloads last year. Now that’s at risk. If they pass this law, like they did the HST in BC (without all levels of gov’t supporting it), there is going to be a blacklash.

    I wondering if spoofing ISPs could get around this? Still, doesn’t take away from the larger issue.

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