raspberry lychee

Late this afternoon my co-worker offered me a  ticket to go to the Vancouver Playhouse and see This; a smart, witty play about modern relationships penned by Vancouver playwright Melissa James Gibson and staring Megan Follows. As soon as I learned I didn’t have to drive, I happily took up the offer, and dashed home to polish my boots and we were off to the city.

Not only was it one of the most brilliantly written plays I have ever seen, but to make the evening even better we stopped off for dessert after…

Why I have never heard of La Casa Gelato before? There are 218 different flavours! It’s making it on my visitor must see list now.

It was hilarious sorting through all the flavour combinations; basil pernot, ginger, carrot, honeydew melon, nut kulfi, avocado, curry and nutty-date, red currant and jalapeno. I am still regretting not choosing the pear gorgonzola. I think I even saw smoked salmon and chocolate. There were of course more typical flavours, if you wished to play safe. I opted for mango fudge.

How sad that after riveting night at the theatre, I’m left dreaming of gelato?

Best gelato or ice cream combination you’ve had? Or would like to have?



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3 responses to “raspberry lychee

  1. kelly

    lemon meringue pie ice cream was good.
    some of those combinations don’t sound appealing.
    I sometimes find too many choices overwhelming, much easier if there are only a few, but choice is good

  2. That is good. Sweet, but good.

    Yeah, there were some that I wouldn’t be tempted to try, like wasabi. But the curry one was actually quite tasty. It was very overwhelming, hence why I played my bought purchase safe. Next time, pear and cheese!

  3. Oh it really is called This! I thought that was just a placeholder for the link!

    I went to a play last night too, albeit one very different from yours I think. But I did not get gelato, which was a mistake. My perennial favourite gelato combo is chocolate flake with hazelnut, or possibly with salted caramel. OMMMMM!

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