the old new thing

I’ve been at this particular job for over a year and a half.

Not a significant amount of time, but long enough to have learned the ropes, etc.

So I think I have the right to be a bit pissed when I was introduced today by my boss as, “The new (insert old curator’s name).”

She had a bad habit of doing that in the first few months of my employment, and it irked me then; not the new part, obviously, just attaching me to someone else’s name. I spent the greater part of last year re-working things and trying to clean up messes I was left with, so I don’t particularly care for that name.

I am overreacting, or would this make you a bit miffed, too?

Perhaps I need to get a name-tag.



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7 responses to “the old new thing

  1. kelly

    I would be miffed and I think it’s worthwhile to say to your boss..”Boss, do you not think I am doing a good job as the curator here?” when she say’s of course , why would you ask?’ you politely say “You introduce me as the new old person and he’she has been gone a year and a half, so I wonder if by comparing me to he/her you feel I am not aduquate”

  2. We have a different dynamic, so that formal a conversation wouldn’t really work. But I’ve been told numerous times I have been doing a great job, not just by my boss, but by the board, so I’ll just keep that in mind I guess.

    It’s hard as the old curator still has family members working at the museum, too.

  3. f

    It would make me miffed, but… from your boss’ perspective it might be easier to tell someone your the new (insert name here) than trying to explain it all.

  4. I’d definitely be miffed. I would likely cut her off in mid-sentence, with an “actually my name is…”. But that doesn’t address the route of the problem of course. Might feel good though!

  5. F: Yeah, I think that’s the case. Every time I tell people I’m a curator (outside the sector) they usually look at me like I have three heads, and make me define the word.

    Barb: That’s usually what happens! It does feel good, for a second. As when she says the other I feel unnoticed.

  6. Mellowlee

    Egads! It reminds me of The Devil Wears Prada when the lead character was introduced as “the new Emily” Ugh!

  7. iduality

    Must be evil boss code. :)

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