unconscious thought

I’m all for peanut butter milk.

But with chocolate.

Unusual word combinations that could make delicious snacks? Or ideas?



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3 responses to “unconscious thought

  1. caramel peanut butter chocolate milk – maybe, but not plain peanut butter milk. You do not want milk that sticks to the roof of your mouth. What would you wash it down with?

    shoes that turn into easy chairs. that’s actually a stolen Really Good Idea.

  2. f

    Red Velvet Watermelon.

    Lychee Vines

    Altoid Condoms (They’re curiously strong!)

  3. Barb: Good point, you’d need the caramel to help it go down better. Cookies? ;)

    Those would work wonders when standing in long queue!

    F: Red Velvet Watermelom – that makes my mouth water. We need to engineer this! If only there were a real life Walter Bishop.

    Altoids tend to make my mouth burn, so the idea of altoids and condoms…ouch.

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