This afternoon I accidentally dropped a box of marbles down the stairs.

I should mention its a hardwood staircase with about 20 or so steps.

It sounded as though I’d ignited a dozen mini cannons down the stairs.

I knew once the noise had stopped everyone would be coming out of their respective offices and asking me what the hell happened. I however, couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard.

Boss: “What, you didn’t have enough problems with the stairs already? Thought marbles on the stairs would add some excitement to the day?”

Co-worker: “Let’s put a fire extinguisher at the end of the stairs just for kicks too.”

I’m just happy it wasn’t the accordion that was in my other hand.

Although, that would have probably sounded just as comical.

Something that made you laugh today?



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4 responses to “marbles

  1. f

    At least you got to use the word Cacophony today.

    Laughed today when a friend asked how I was doing and I said “I could use a million dollars and would like to instantly shed 20 pounds, but other than that, I’m okay”

    To which my friend replied, “Now a Brinks truck is gonna run you over and decapitate you, wish granted. “

  2. I have to admit I was chuckling pretty hard at the mental image of all those marbles cascading down the stairs. So far that’s been the most humourous part of the day.

  3. kelly

    so nobody made any comments about you losing your marbles?

    I don’t think I laughed today….that is unfortunate.

  4. F: Yes, always a good day when that word gets used. And only one broken marble as a causality.

    Thought the human head was only 8 pounds? ;)

    Barb: I need to learn how to walk slowly. And not carry two things at once, apparently. Glad it made you chuckle, I was laughing for quite a while after. :)

    Kelly: No. Too obvious a joke, right.

    Ah, well there’s always tomorrow!

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