awake and dreaming

I’ve been re-watching Alias, and it’s amazing how quickly one can forget story lines in television dramas. Even if you watched it consistently for a period of years. Besides some plots, I’ve forgotten how many of my favourite directors made appearances on the show; Tarantino and Cronenberg for instance. So that’s been a plus.

It’s funny though, I can reread books, but I’m never rereading because I cannot remember. I suppose this makes sense, as you help to create the world you read, whereas with a show you are merely watching it unfold.

What books have you loved that have been successfully (or unsuccessfully) turned into a films?



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2 responses to “awake and dreaming

  1. It’s so true, we have so much more involvement in the creation of the story told in a book than we do in a film, in which our involvement is quite passive.

    Everything is Illuminated was a wonderful novel that was turned into an equally wonderful film. Now I feel like watching it again…

  2. I keep meaning to read that book! I’ve seen the film and thought it was tops, so I can only imagine the novel would be great. My must read list just keeps getting longer. :)

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