thinking that the Pixies must be making a mint off this Canadian tour (as it is their first extensive one here), considering  the venues and ticket prices. managed to get tickets to the vancouver show, which sold out in 6 mins. of course regular sales start next week, but given the small size of the venue i didn’t want to risk it. there were a few false starts to the presale, and it’s really fascinating to see fans go from excitement to sheer rage in a matter of minutes. and by fascinating, i mean shocking.

realizing dragonfruit is not so tasty in juice form.

watching Pavement on Ace of Cakes. musicians need cake too.

thinking i put in a good hunt for Sam Cooke records, and that’s it’s okay to buy the album i most want online.

laughing over damn you, auto correct!

pondering what to have for dinner. if only options would magically appear before me…

looking forward to the weekend, which should be filled with friend catch-ups and Fringe goodness.

currently…you are?



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5 responses to “currently…

  1. You Fu@king Donkey!!

    I’m sure the Pixies have mad a mint off this whole Doolittle tour, and kudos to them, they deserve it.

    Me – I am currently…

    Watching Kitchen Nightmares, love me some G. Ramsey

    Excited about the possibility of Flea playing piano on the new RHCP record after seeing the latest picture he tweeted

    Also excited about watching the King’s Speech instead of Fringe so I can let my Fringe episodes build up and watch a bunch at once

  2. f

    And that damn you, autocorrect link had me rolling

  3. It’s the most I’ve ever spent on a concert ticket, but highly doubt I will ever see them again, so worth it to me.

    I saw that picture too – Have hopes the next RHCP album is better than their last couple.

    Hope you enjoy The King’s Speech! I’ll refrain from Fringe spoilers.

    Hilarious, isn’t? I had tears in my eyes reading some of them this afternoon. “I totally just stole a magician from my doctors office!” Plus countless others that show iPhone autocorrect dirty side. ;)

  4. Major kudos to you on a successful pre-sale! I find it interesting that all the venues the Pixies are playing a rather posh sit-down places. They know their fan base is aging.

    Currently just back from a book reading, myself. Grant Lawrence is even more hilarious in person.

  5. I hope you have luck next week, once you’ve figured out which show to go too. I’d petition you to make the Van show, but the RO won’t be in school then. Blast!

    I know, I found that a bit odd too. Figured that’s why the tickets were spendy too. I really dislike the acoustics at the Orpheum, but I’m glad we’re not on the balcony at least.

    Glad to hear it was good – I can’t wait to read that book!

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