It’s almost too much.

First, I find a typewriter. And it works.

Then I find out PIXIES are playing the Orpheum on May 3rd (presale starts tomorrow).

Good things are suppose to come in three’s right?

I wonder what’s next?

Come on money shrub…



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7 responses to “odds

  1. I KNOW! So exciting! They are playing here April 30. At the big fancy venue with the velvet seats, which just seems so odd.

  2. There were definitely audible squeals coming from my office this morn – so exciting! Hoping I get good seats, as they are playing the Orpheum, which is a lovely venue, aesthetically, but I’ve never really cared for the seating. I’m enjoying more shows at either the Biltmore, or outside in Stanley Park at Malkin Bowl. The smallest, and coziest of the bowls. ;)

  3. Kim Deal's Brother

    well, Steve Jobs is “taking some time off” they say it’s for medical reasons, I say it’s to develop and perfect the iTeleport…Woo!

    Hurray Pixies!! if you are up close you can expect to be blinded by the fog machine during “into the white”.

  4. You know, I heard that rumour, perhaps later this year. I’m gonna hold out for the second generation though. You know how it is with first gen Apple products…one wouldn’t want to take that risk teleporting. Plus, second gen should have less destructive side effects when traveling to the alternate universe. ;)

    Trying to imagine a fog machine at this particular venue…strange.

  5. Steve Jobs' Handmaiden

    True, and if it’s on the AT&T teleportation network you could suffer from dropped teleports and end up in Idaho or something.

  6. There is an iTeleport app, but somehow I don’t think it’s what you two have in mind.

    And with that bummer news, I feel like the nerdy douche who points out the implausibilty of Spiderman during the movie. In a nasal voice, “Well, actually…”

    Now, since the iTeleport monicker is taken, how about the iScotty or iBMup?

  7. F: Ha! Very true, and that would be disastrous, really.

    John: Crushing news! Who wants to teleport to their computer files!

    Even though the iTeleport moniker is taken it still could be updated to version 2.0…although I somehow doubt for .99cent one would be able to teleport with an Apple product.

    I like the iScotty. And I’d like the device shaped like a pocket watch.

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