underneath my feet all along

It may not be the model I was coveting, but it works and the price was right:


I was doing some early spring cleaning at the museum, and discovered a typewriter that wasn’t part of the collection and literally just gathering dust in my bosses office. At one point it time it was used by the museum to do office work, but not for the past 25 years, and now it’s mine. Huzzah! It’s a Continental Typewriter, from the 1930s and the ink ribbon is available at the office supply store in town. Double huzzah!

Funny, as we spent the majority of the morning recycling all the old technology (countless monitors and towers), and at the end of it all I take back a typewriter. Difference being I will use this one. Expect my post to be typewritten from now.

Any great finds as of late?



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4 responses to “underneath my feet all along

  1. Exciting news! Your new (old) typewriter looks terrific Allison. Even better, that it is in such fine shape. Well done you!

    My favourite find of late was a vinyl copy of the Velvet Underground with banana sticker intact. I’ll be framing that one for the music room I think.

    Good luck with your new addition. Pick up a couple extra ribbons for safe keeping.

    On a somewhat related note… What is with the preponderance of TV programming of late devoted to pawn shop, thrift store, “picker” programming. Seems to have replaced our beloved cake baking fare…


  2. I think it will clean up well, too! I’ve just washed the case and considering its age, it’s holding up quite well. I think I will have to order ribbons online, as the office store doesn’t carry the specific model I need. Believe it or not, there is almost a full ribbon in there and it still works!

    Excellent find!! One the definitely needs a frame, and a spot in the music room.

    I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have cable anymore, as I haven’t been aware of the trend. Although I have heard of “Pawn Stars” but those types of shows just make me a little sad, as it’s all about the highest bidder. Speaking of Cake shows though – on the Food Network tomorrow night Pavement will be on Ace of Cakes. Strange…but true! Hope I can download it.

  3. It’s a beautiful machine! What a lovely find. Now you can enjoy its clackety clack any time you like.

    I learned to type on a manual typewriter and have always enjoyed the triumphant swing of the return arm at the end of each sentence! So satisfying.

  4. It’s surprisingly compact, for a typewriter, too. I need to get some oil as my H key keeps sticking, but everything else works quite well. So chuffed!

    It is like a little victory. I love when it pings back to start a new line.

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