today i loved…

that i wasn’t the only person in the room when my work speakers tried to talk back to me. they were on, but volume down, and we heard an entire phone conversation. freaky.

a glass of skim milk and soft cookies.

we are all cyborgs now. worth the click.

that i got to use the  phrase “bucket of wank” – that rarely ever happens! so it’s fitting that i noticed today someone found my blog using the search terms “wanking over a bucket.” perhaps i should take more consideration at what i title my posts…nah.

the first page of a new notebook.

that i found my favourite paperclip. i’m always loosing it, but it manages to return.

today…you loved?



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4 responses to “today i loved…

  1. I loved the look on the Slightly Retarded Kitty’s face when I brought home a new catnip ball. It was worth the trip to the pet store.

  2. Puzzled wonderment. Such a lovely thing. :)

  3. Today I loved that someone found your blog while searching for “wanking over a bucket.”

  4. Pretty hilarious, eh? I need to do a top search engine word post soon. There are a couple other funny ones in the mix.

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