its quiet company

there are definitely downsides to living alone, but there are certain things i absolutely love.

for instance, becoming so engrossed in a project hours fly without recognition and suddenly the phone rings, late in the day, say 5.12. its then you realise that by answering hullo it will be first time you’ve spoken all day, yet it’s not sad.

no, because you haven’t been sitting waiting for it to ring – you’ve just been off somewhere else.  a fun place to escape to with others, but kind of blissful when you get to do it on your own. refreshing, almost.

bring on monday.



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2 responses to “its quiet company

  1. I do enjoy those times when I have a few days alone, to let the dinner-punctuated routine fly out the window. It is very freeing to let yourself get lost in that other world.

    But do you really not talk to yourself? Because by 5:12 I have yapped up a storm to myself.

  2. It depends on the day, sometimes I’ll mumble to myself, but this particular day, no, I didn’t speak until the phone rang. I’m sure I hummed along to the music, if that counts. ;)

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