wishing i had the sense to stop at the market before coming home from work. nothing inspiring in the cupboards.

pretty excited bright eyes are coming to van in april. although less thrilled it’s at the commodore. need to find more shows at cheaper venues this year.

starting to think that my upstairs neighbours are running some sort of call centre or some kind of online operation out of their living room. i keep hearing talk into microphones, mumbling back and talks about productivity. highly annoying. i need to find my broom.

nearing the end of my golden girls dvds. i need a new series to watch. suggestions?

clicking through the dineout vancouver website. so many good restaurants…where to go, where to go.

excited that i get to use a projector and 16mm film tomorrow. it’s good to let my film geek out every once and a while.

currently…you are?



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4 responses to “currently…

  1. Downstairs from a call centre? Oh joy. Perhaps you can reciprocate the gift of incessant phone mumbling with a few blasts of German techno or something.

  2. iduality

    I should try that. I went up to inquire last night as it is really loud, right above my bedroom, but no one answered. If it persists I’m going to have to make a complaint, just rather not have to go that route. No idea what they are running up there but it’s mighty loud. At least it’s not screaming like the last place…

  3. kelly

    currently I are thinking I don’t really deserve to go to Hawaii on sunday , but I’m going anyhow dammit!
    I recall that ratcheting sound old movie projectors make when playing movies. It brings back memories of my youth. I am not ancient (48 next month, you still have shopping days left) In the winter, we use to go to this really old building called the Youth Centre (how appropriate) on Saturday morning in winter and watch films like Lassie, and some of those old westerns and even older Three Stooges. We would then do crafty stuff, popsicle stick building, tie dye shirts. I remember these copper relief etching type things we made as well. I bet my older brother still has his, he is one step away from being a horder.

  4. Enjoy your holiday! Little bit of sun sounds lovely right about now.

    Very similar to how there is nothing like listening to a record, there is something quite magical about watching an actual film. Lots of great finds in this collection, it’s been a trip sorting through everything!

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