i love…

when you’ve had a perfectly shitty day and then someone pays you an unexpected compliment, or a stranger opens a door for you and the shade of blue lifts, just a bit.

now, only to ride that wave through the rest of the month.



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8 responses to “i love…

  1. Sometimes the universe just speaks to you…

  2. Lovely when it happens isn’t?

  3. El Fear

    Or sometimes when you’ve been feeling blue and someone sends you an mp3 of a new song by a band you love.

  4. iduality

    Yes, that one is perhaps my favourite. Never fails.

  5. I hope the blue shades continue to be lifted, so high they become transparent, for the remainder of this challenging month.

  6. I hope so too. It’s nearly half over already. ;)

  7. kelly

    I know what you mean, and sometimes it can take so little to make a persons day better. I discovered that by personal experience one day and now I try and remember to pay it forward when possible. A while ago I was in Starbucks (I hate their coffee but love their ginger mollasses cookies) and there was a woman who had the most amazing coloured hair. Shiney deep black with dark blue highlights (stripes of patches or highlights, whatever they are called.. I have no hair remember!) I told her I thought her hair was really nice. She thanked me and said it was just done and her boyfriend didn’t even notice. (Oops, I did wonder if I should have kept quiet then) She bought me my cookie. And we both went away with a smile. (and me with a cookie!). I do wonder if I should say anything or mind my own business or what.

  8. That’s a great pay it forward story, Kelly. I’m sure she got to use the guilt card with her boyfriend a bit after that. Guess it depends on the situation, or if you think you could gain a free cookie from it. ;)

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