say it ain’t so…

It’s like that joke they played a few years or so ago:

Michael Bay to Direct The Great Gatsby

Minor heart palpitations until I realised it was from Cracked.

Now we have:

Great Gatsby’s 3D Makeover

Except this might actually happen?!

Oi and vey doesn’t even scratch the surface. I really hope this doesn’t come to fruition.

I’m not ready for floating mint juleps.



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5 responses to “say it ain’t so…

  1. Oh I’m ready. It’s quite possibly the only way I’ll get excited about it in fact. Bring on zombie Lindsay Lohan, too. And a laugh track. Soundtrack by KMFDM and Captain and Tennille.

  2. Bahahaha! I think a zombie Lindsay Lohan is just what this picture needs. Also, need to throw in a boy band to bring the soundtrack up to gold status.

  3. El Fear

    Gatsby gonna get blow’d up!

  4. Hasn’t Lindsay Lohan has been a zombie for years?

    Not a fan of this trend toward 3D at all. Most of the time it’s really poorly done. I’d just as soon bring Michael Bay in the project.

  5. iduality

    F: I have a feeling it’d be like Gatsby meets Die Hard.

    Barb: I’m not a fan of the 3D move at all either. I understand now that they’ve conquered certain markets they want to top it with bigger and better things, but I just don’t understand why they need to reboot everything in 3D. Make up new stories at least. I think with the new trend in 3D televisions, optometrists will see an increase in patients too.

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