this place is the beat of my heart

much like when a song i love wears out the repeat button on my stereo, i also tend to repeat recipes a lot.

i ate so many things containing chickpeas in the fall i thought i was going to turn into one. do you find you’re a repeat recipe offender? or are you always trying new things?

this week at the various doctor appointments i attended, it was suggested that perhaps my migraines have something to do with the fact i’m a vegetarian. i became a vegetarian when i was 14 and started getting migraines around 15. i don’t think there is a correlation, as there were years (oh glorious years!) especially during university, where i didn’t have migraines and i still wasn’t eating meat.

while i wait to see various specialists to hopefully gain more answers, i’m trying evaluate my diet and chart how certain things are triggers, etc.  which is actually a really hard task. i eat pretty healthy to begin with, but when you start to look at what is actually in everything you realize even the healthy stuff contains things that aren’t the greatest. on the plus side, this whole process will make me a better cook, as i rarely buy premade anything now.

what’s the one food you couldn’t live without? what’s your favourite go-to recipe?



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4 responses to “this place is the beat of my heart

  1. That’s a good question. I actually have a really extensive diet so there is no one food in particular that I really rely on. The closest thing, I think, would be milk. Nothing like a big cold glass of skim! It’s the thing I miss most while travelling and I always have to make sure to buy some milk so I can have a glass at bedtime.

  2. I probably try new recipes more often than relying on standbys. But there are a few standbys. At restaurants though, I rarely have the same dish twice.

  3. Barb: I totally agree! It’s one of the things I miss most when I’m traveling, as sometimes its hard to find skim, and I only drink it from glass, not plastic cups. I am thankful I am not lactose intolerant.

    John: With the exception of Dahl soup at East is East here in town, I normally try different things off the menu to while out too. Always feels like less of a risk when attempting at home.

  4. kelly

    ahhhh skim milk…I remember it well. I miss a glass every morning and evening, I’ve probably had 4 glasses in the past year. Dairy being one of my allergies I tend to not have it. Yes I still have cheese and other dairy stuff but milk tends to make me stuffier than other dairy items. And then I get post nasal drip etc.

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