insert lyric here

the sun poked through for the first time in a month.

i am at work, writing articles, and listening to the most delicious song.

you should take a listen as well…

do what you will – papercuts

something sweet  you’ve discovered today?



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8 responses to “insert lyric here

  1. Thanks for the song, just listening now – enjoyable. The sweetest thing I discovered today is that while I felt like screaming at the person on the other end of the phone, I gave them some good advice that may turn things around for them. We’ll see.

  2. Call me crazy

    I love the “Home is where we run to” part of that song. So excited for the album, glad to find out they are now signed to subpop, too.

    My favorite coffee shop got Brazilian beans in today and ….ZOMG!

  3. kelly

    very nice song.

    today wasn’t such a sweet discovery day

  4. Dale: Welcome! Sometimes good restraint pays off, eh.

    F: It’s a great build to end the song with. My favourite part is “I can’t shake you off…” Me too, hopefully next month!

    Enjoy some caffeine for me. ;)

    Kelly: Perfect song to unwind too. I hope the rest of the album is as sweet.

  5. Listening to it right now, and it sounds delightful. Thanks! I have discovered that I made the right move by laying in supplies yesterday so I don’t have to leave the house to go out in the wind and snow all weekend. Because the grocery store is soooo far away, you know…

  6. kelly

    …and of course Barb does have her eggplant!

  7. Barb: Seems like everyone has snow but here…although my weather widget says ‘snow showers’ so perhaps later on today. Most likely it will all melt when it hits the pavement though.

    Kelly’s right – good thing you stocked up on eggplant. ;)

  8. Sadly, the eggplant has been eaten. But there is some beautiful lentil curry left, the recipe of which I am willing to share.

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