I underestimated how hard it was going to be to go back to work.

Not in the oh I wish I was still on holidays sense, but in the I’m still dizzy when I move fast sense.

So, of course it didn’t help when I gave myself a mild concussion yesterday falling into a fire extinguisher that was mounted onto the wall.

I think I may need to move permanently into a bubble, don’t you think?

Thankfully, my boss was standing right next to me, otherwise I’m fairly certain she wouldn’t have believe me. Also, it’s nice to have someone else fetch you ice.

I went to throw something in the garbage, leaning slightly, and then bam! fell sideways into the wall, unfortunately hitting the bottom of the extinguisher on the way down.

And let me tell you, those things hurt.  A lot.

My head is still radiating heat and it happened yesterday at noon.  A bruise/bump is starting to poke through, good thing I have a penchant for hats. On the plus side, it didn’t make me immediately dizzy. I should be thankful I hit the right side of my head, not the left. My left ear is just starting to behave again, don’t need another relapse.

Made any fumbles this year?

Hopefully I’m not the only one…



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5 responses to “thwack

  1. kelly

    No fumbles or tumbles here this year. But the year is still young. You’re having a tough time there, sorry to hear that.

  2. ali

    I am personally going to make and send you a full suit of bubble wrap. Helmet included, naturally.

  3. Kelly: January has never been my month. Hoping it passes quickly. Glad to hear you’re fumble free so far!

    Ali: Is it bad that I am more terrified that said bubble wrap will inevitably come in pink than I am at possibly having to wear the outfit? ;)

  4. The only stumbling that I have had so far is in my resolve to renew my acquaintance with the elliptical. Yours is much more brutal.

    A floor mate of the Offspring has posted a picture of himself skiing in a full yeti suit. I think perhaps you need one of those.

  5. I am no longer allowed on the elliptical machines. With good reason.

    Ha ha! I would love to see that picture. Actually not a bad idea. Hmmm…I was Bonhomme one year for carnival, perhaps that would work? ;) Wouldn’t that be terrifying…

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