thinking that i am one step away from a natalie portman helmet, and that i didn’t need to wait 3 hours in the ER to have another doctor tell me that. but ‘just to be safe’…i hate that i now have to tick the ‘repeated head injury box’

rejoicing over skinny asparagus. is it just a winter thing?

disappointed i didn’t enjoy Somewhere as much as Coppola’s other works.

really digging the new British Sea Power album. i know its early…but i think it will make the cut.

trying to decide what soup to make this weekend that doesn’t contain salt.

still shuddering over the fact that someone brought in a string of elf lights to the museum today. i will have to take a picture, these things are in a class of their own.

currently…you are?

update: elf photos…

the more interesting thing in the last picture is actually the violin, in the black case, from 1890



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9 responses to “currently…

  1. kelly

    currently I are wishing I had elf lights

    for the vegetarian in you, how about a couscous and lentil soup, just reduce or eliminate the salt. I might even try making that one this weekend.

  2. This band will change your life!

    somewhere was p. bad, seems to me like she tried hard to capture the quaint moments of LIT but failed. The scene in the lobby with the old guy singing is a good example.

    BSP – Every-fucking-where! They should be bigger than Coldplay but I’m glad they’re not.

    Currently I am….

    Shaking a fist at the creepers in minecraft for assploding and destroying my beautiful fortress, well the front entrance anyway – damn this game is crack-esque.

    Enjoying the cold weather, but wishing for more rain.

    Tired of people.

  3. Kelly: Well, these elves are more jovial than others I’ve seen – but still creepy. Especially as they were presented to me in a clear plastic bag. I posted some photos.

    Yeah, I was thinking of doing a lentil curry soup or potato and leek.

    F: It was. I found myself fast forwarding at parts too. There was a lot too in the film that was introduced and then not elaborated on, which was frustrating.

    I know – it’s getting some great buzz! Nice to see. I hope they do a NA tour.

    It seems like it. It’s almost making me want to play. Perhaps I should just download Tetris, which is less addicting.

    Shall send you some of ours. We’ve got buckets.

  4. – feeling slightly ill and thinking I may have swallowed some fluoride rinse at the dentist today. Or possibly my own plaque, which makes me feel even more queasy!

    – wondering where I can find a really stylish, yet well padded, helmet to send you.

  5. Yuck. I hate that stuff. Hope drinking lots of water makes the ill go away!

    Funny, you’re not the first one to mention that this week. I found a knitted viking-like one. Think the fake horns could soften the blows. ;)

  6. f

    those elf heads make me think Nabisco was trying to send Keebler a message.

  7. Ha! They do look a bit like Keebler elves don’t they? I haven’t had the time to do any research on them, but I wonder if they were part of a promotional thing; Enjoy Christmas tea? Collect all 12 elf heads to place on-top of xmas tree lights. Or something similar…

  8. ali

    Hahahaaa! Those elves are both creepy and brilliant! I wonder if they make teeny tiny ones, in case there should ever be a Thomas 3.0

  9. They would make for a great tree topper if we should ever loose the angel. Of course there will be a Thomas 3.0 – you’re coming back next year. :)

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