Happy New Year! Shall we ring in the new year with some talk about words? I think so.

According to Time these words are being charged with overuse and should be retired for 2011.




Wow Factor

A-ha Moment

I’m just sayin’

Facebook/Google as verbs

What’s was the first phrase/word you said when you woke up this morning?

What words are you going to try and use more this year?



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9 responses to “dithyrambic

  1. Happy New Year to you!

    I believe my first words this morning were I’m putting some Bailey’s in my coffee, but I am not planning on using those on a regular basis this year. The words that I am hoping to use more this year are I’m never going to be able to spend all this money, or something of that nature.

  2. Hey Domingo!

    What a viral epic fail this post is I’m just sayin it doesn’t have that wow factor or a-ha moment that makes me wanna facebook someone and tell them to google your blog.

    My first words this morning were “Happy new year” in a rather sarcastic tone.

  3. Mellowlee

    I believe my first words this morning were something like “ouch, get off my head” (cat). Happy New Year Al! xoxo

  4. I don’t recall what my first words were this morning. I think, “sure” in response to “Daddy, can I have a chocolate?” (I’m a push over on New Year’s Day).

    I wish, “that said…” or “that being said” made the list. And then that list was sent to Obama.

  5. kelly

    my first words today. “your turn to let the dog out”

    The only one of those words I am guilty of is Google as in “I’m going to have to google that”
    I think I should use “mmm?” more. In a questioning tone when somebody says something. Let them talk more and quit interrupting or assuming I know what they are going to say. In other words I need to shut up and listen

  6. Happy New Year!

    Well, I don’t know what I’m going to try to say more of, but I do know that I should try to swear less. So perhaps I should start brainstorming some alternatives to the usual big swear words.

  7. If I shorten it to just sayin’ can I keep using it?

  8. iduality

    Barb: I heard a similar phrase around my house yesterday, where various bottles of Bailey’s seem to be floating about. I like your thinking on the phrase you want to use more. One can dream…

    F: Nicely done! Now you’ll definitely have to retire all those words, as that sentence will be hard to top. :)

    Mel: Ha! Pets always seem to love sleeping on or near your head, don’t they? Happy New Year to you!

    John: The chocolate for breakfast clause expires on Jan. 1st, so they had to get it in before close, right.

    Ha! It’s funny how those phrases get overused. I think ‘indeed’ needs to be added. I’m guilty of overuse on that one.

    Kelly: I think we’re all a bit guilty on the Google front.

    Sounds like you have a resolution there! :)

    WC: That sounds like a fun challenge! Making up words is a favourite pastime. You’ll have to share what you come up with!

    Dale: I think an allowance can be made. But only for you. ;)

  9. kelly

    it wasn’t really a resolution, was it? oh oh now I’m in trouble. what if I fail? Oh yes I can’t use that word, although I didn’t know that was over used. Let’s just call it a suggestion for the new year

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