polishing stones

I’ve never had a problem going to the dentist.

I think this is because my mom is a dental hygienist, so growing up we were exposed to the different machines, and nothing ever really scared me. Until today.

In recent years I’ve become quite the excellent teeth grinder and have subsequently managed to do some damage to my teeth. Something happened this week and my mom had to fix it. Off we went to her office, got into the chair, glasses on, thrusters on full, all that jazz and suddenly the drill started, she leaned in and I looked up at her and sheer terror flashed before my eyes and I bolted from the chair. Screams of I don’t trust you – it’s like the curling iron incident all over again trailing behind me.  I should mention now that neither my mom, nor the dentist she works for, have never been my dentist. And that is was my mom, not any dentist who scared my forehead as a child.

She told me I was being ridiculous (clearly), and ordered me back into the chair.

This time I closed my eyes, hoping that would help. It would have it I hadn’t opened them at the last-minute. Bolted again.

My mom started to laugh, and she has a bit of a maniacal laugh (much like myself), and whilst holding a drill was not comforting me at all.  I say I can live with the problem until I return to my regular dentist in July.

My mom turns off the drill and says we should take an x-ray just in case. This involves those lead vests that render you immobile – if you’re a weakling like myself. In hindsight, I really should have seen what was coming next. Under the x-ray guise  my mom puts on the vest, and then sits back down and starts the drill up before I even have time to process what was going on.

In mere minutes the problem is fixed.

Oh, but it will be years before my trust is restored.

Ah, family.



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3 responses to “polishing stones

  1. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be laughing at this, should I? But kudos to your mom! She has obviously perfected the bait and switch decoy method of parenting. A most valuable skill. Except when it comes to curling irons, apparently.

  2. Feel free to laugh away. Everyone else who I have shared the story with has. ;) In all honesty, I’m surprised my mom didn’t abscond with one of those vests from the office when we were younger. Could have ended many an argument sooner.

    Although I remain resolute – brussels sprouts are an acquired taste. One I will never possess.

  3. kelly

    ummm…you chicken shit! ha ha ha

    reminds me of my mom nearly slicing my ear off while cutting my hair as a child. I never let her cut it again. OK maybe it was a little nick but it was still traumatizing so I understand.
    Question though; as a dental hygienist she get’s to drill? I thought that was just a dentist thing?
    Eat your brussel sprouts!

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