i like your presence there from far away

had a nightmare last night.

involving math.

don’t laugh.

it wasn’t simple fractions, but word problems.


i had to solve them traveling in a raft down the river with my hands tied.

i don’t recall how it ended, just remember trying to force myself awake.

please, please, anything but word problems!

strange indeed.

had any weird dreams lately?



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4 responses to “i like your presence there from far away

  1. kelly

    strange indeed.
    not any weird dreams lately but a while ago I had a dream related to a house fire we attended several months ago. Typically the duty officer arrives on scene first and does a size up of the incident. He has to just jump in his truck and go, we have to get gear on etc. He will radio back what he finds and tell us what he wants us to do when we arrive which is usually only a minute or two later. This one fire, we arrived to see the front rooms heavily involved with lots of smoke. The duty officer is standing by our engine telling us what he wants while we are getting off and pulling hoses, grabbing tools and hooking up to air. Anyhow, the dream. I dreamed everything exactly as it happened except the duty officer met us and started dancing a jig and speaking gibberish and then getting madder and madder when we just stared at him and couldn’t understand. This was a long comment for only a couple lines about the dream.

  2. I don’t recall any recent dreams, but trying to solve math problems with your hands tied would certainly be a nightmare. Could you still count on your toes?

  3. Kelly: Sounds similar to the Mad Hatter’s dance in Alice in Wonderland!

    Barb: D’oh. Should have thought of that. ;)

  4. I have weird dreams all the time or at least I think they are. I’ll mention one and someone always has an immediate explanation. I think I prefer not knowing what any of them are about. Math is a nightmare, asleep or awake!

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