variable cloudiness

I always find post Christmas and pre New Years Eve is this weird time lull, where extreme tiredness from doing relatively nothing tends to kick in. Do you find this?

I know my body is still trying to recover from this past month. I would say I am back to 90% – when I move my head down, or come into contact with bright lights I still get woozy and a wave of dizziness comes over me, but things are definitely better than they were.

I think venturing out into the cold today will shake things up. Might have to steal some broken gingerbread people for sustenance, and a handful of candy corn to leave as a trail in case I loose my way.

How are you keeping busy this holiday?



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3 responses to “variable cloudiness

  1. kelly

    busy with work, had my butt kicked at the gym this morning. Plenty of socializing with too much food and drink, the pants are tighter and the scale is telling me something.

    Doing nothing for new years eve because of work schedules. I’m good with that, for me new years celebrations are over rated for a number of reasons. It will be a quiet evening and will likely not be awake at midnight

  2. This is when I enjoy only really being able to take holidays once a year. I hear that (as I sit and nibble away at the gingerbread house). Although vacation is nice, I am looking forward to getting back into a routine.

    I like rotating things; one year out, one year in. Gone out the past 2 years, so I think this year will be spent in. I hope to make it till midnight though. ;)

  3. Ha, I love that card. Filled with truthiness, it is. The days betwixt Christmas and NYE sure do pass by quickly, filled as they are with nothing. I seem to be taking the Offspring shopping a lot lately, which is actually pretty fun.

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