why one should carry a compass in the forest

So, gingerbread adventures did not exactly turn out as well as last year.

We wanted it to look a bit crooked, but then we had some structural issues, and things ended up looking a bit slumped.

Still, it was fun attempting to make, and as always the story made up amused me more.

Here we have Old Man Nibb and his boot.

He has a vendetta against gingerbread men, for reasons unknown, and therefore tortures all that cross his path. The broken gingerbread man bridge is a warning. For added measure there are some spiders and octopuses to keep out solicitors.

Over the bridge, in safe territory, we have a small graveyard for gingerbreads past, and advancing from the east we have a small army attempting a take-down.

Starting with chimney infiltration.

Next year, I want to attempt a whole block. Learned a lot from this one. Just have to work out the story…



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6 responses to “why one should carry a compass in the forest

  1. Hey Domingo!

    Well you could always make a “gingerbread crackhouse” <–google that and click the first link for teh lolz

  2. iduality

    Ha! That’s great – thanks for the link. I’d love to pipe some grafiti. We wanted to add zombie snowmen but there wasn’t enough room. Base was too small this year. Each year there is something new to learn. Fun way to spend an afternoon.

  3. Oh, that’s so twisted and lovely and gorgeous!

  4. I love this house! So much character in the architecture alone, let alone when you add the whole back story. Brilliantly done! I’m looking forward to when you work up to an entire city.

  5. ali

    Love it! Especially Old Man Nibb and the broken gingerbread man bridge. :-)

  6. MM: Thanks! A twisted gingerbread house is what we were going for.

    Barb: We had fun doing the roof, especially. Most of the fun though comes in making up the story though, which tends to change depending on how many mistakes are made. ;)

    Ali: I love the bridge too. I wanted to add some red icing around the abdomen, but thought that might be unrealistic, for a gingerbread person and all. ;)

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