top songs of 2010: part 2

Last but not least, the second part of my year end song list.  Shall link them up soon. I’m sure most of you already have them already.

10. Spoon – Nobody Gets Me Like You (Transference)

One of my favourite vinyl purchases this year was at the Spoon concert this spring. It was painful to have to wait 7 months to be able to play it. Although I didn’t love this album as much as their last, I felt lyrically the record spoke to me a bit more. This tune is the last on the record and I knew from just the title alone I would like it. Favourite parts are the lyrics “Nobody gets what I say. Those who know, those who lose. Those who look through. Do they get me? I thought they get me like you. Oh no! Nobody.” and the last minute of piano and guitar…makes me wish it wasn’t the last track.

9. The Morning Benders – Excuses (Big Echo)

This track had me at hello with the pops and hisses at the start. This is an excellent Sunday morning song, reminiscent of 1950s rock, and the orchestra is perfect for wrist twirling. Favourite part is around 2.30 with the subtle ‘Da dums…’

8. Arcade Fire – Month of May (The Suburbs)

I almost chose ‘We Used to Wait’ for my favourite track off The Suburbs, but I just love the line ‘The kids are all standing with their arms folded tight…I know it’s heavy, I know it ain’t light, but how you gonna lift it with your arms folded tight?’ I remember the first time I heard that and just smiling. If you have been an Arcade Fire fan from the start, you’ll love this album, even if thematically it does get a bit repetitive. If you also grew up in the suburbia (first they built the road, then they built the town), it will pull on your heartstrings. I especially love listening to this song, and album in the car.

7. Frightened Rabbit – Living in Colour (The Winter of Mixed Drinks)

A little bit of shoegaze guitars, a little talk of oceans, and a peppering of that Scottish accent makes this one of my favourites of the year. I literally have not taken this record out of my car in 4 months. Favourite lyric is the line ‘Am I dancing, or am I spinning my own grave?’ This track is foot tapping and handclap friendly. What more can you ask for, really?

6. Tokyo Police Club – Bambi (Champ)

I still remember seeing TPC in a tiny little basement in Kingston and just being totally gobsmacked. I think whenever I listen to them now I picture them like that, so it makes me enjoy things even more. I was a bit disappointed with their first full length LP a few years back, but this album totally makes up for it. There were a few songs I could have added here, but I chose this one primarily for the lyric ‘She painted pictures with the tips of her fingers…’ but ‘Big Difference’ was a close second, ‘I could get to know you better and never know you well.’

5. LCD Soundsystem – I Can Change (This Is Happening)

No better song to describe a modern romance than this one. Best bit; around 2.45 with the lyrics ‘And love is a murderer. Love is a murderer. But if she calls you tonight, everything is all right…And love is a curse, shoved in a hearse. Love is an open book to a verse of your bad poetry. And this is coming from me…’

4. Radical Face – Doorways (Touch the Sky)

I think Ben Cooper has a bit of the midas touch. For my ears at least. I love the piano at the start of the song, which leads into the lyrics ‘I like to drink the rain to taste the sky…’ and building to 1.20 when more instrumentals kick in, and then at 1.50 with the ‘I believed the skies were doorways…home.’ Whenever I hear this song now I think of the video, which is my favourite of the year. I also love “A Little Hell”, specifically for the line ‘And some of the time you gotta loose what is right, for you know what is really worth the fight…’ I cannot wait for a full LP from him next year.

3. Wolf Parade – Cave-O-Sapien (Expo 86)

Not going to lie, I was quite sadden to read that WP are going on indefinite hiatus. I am so happy I was able to see them in Van this summer, and that they went out on such a strong album. I am also chuffed that I received all their albums on vinyl this Christmas. I love watching a band grow into their sound, and they really hit the nail on the head this time around. It’s going to be interesting to watch what the WP spin offs Handsome Furs and Sunset Rubdown get up to next year. Favourite bits of the song are around 1.30 with the lyric ‘And you look like the sunrise…purple, lemon, baby blue and gold…’ and love the guitar around 2.30 that leads into ‘I had a vision of a gorilla…he was a killer, a killer.’ This is a perfect final track; leaves you wanting more.

2. Electric President – Safe and Sound (The Violet Blue)

I first heard this song around this time last year, and it made the hair on the back of my head stand up. The lyrics just really get to me. Favourite part of the song is at 1.10; ‘When there’s no way out, I’ll let you build your home in me till the clocks run down. When your lucks out, call me and I’ll come and fix you. Get your feet on the ground… All this time, you’ve been drifting out with the tide, my friend. But you can have what’s mine, if it helps you stay afloat…’ We could all use a few people in our lives you do such things. Did I mention this song contains handclaps? Go, listen already.

1. The National – Lemon World (High Violet)

My concert high of the year was getting to see these guys live again. Even though I was a bit gutted they didn’t play this tune, I was happy to have been invited regardless. I think 20 years from now, I will still be listening to Matt Berninger’s voice. The way he weaves storylines in a soft mumble will always be a great comfort.  Favourite bit of the song is around 2 mins in ‘Takes me a day, to remember a day…lay me on the table put flowers in my mouth…’


Off the top of your head, lyrics that stood out to you this year?



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5 responses to “top songs of 2010: part 2

  1. Hey Domingo!

    “Oh my gap feels weird” is my favorite lyrical one liner of the year.
    Good list, most of these are songs I love and the others are just songs I haven’t heard.

  2. I enjoy that line too. Song really gets in your head. That album is especially good for listening to whilst at the gym. Yeah, part of the reason I didn’t link up this list – figured most would already have them.

  3. Lovely list. Living in Colour has got to be my favourite song of the year, hands down.

    Stand out lyrics for me this year have got to be courtesy of Josh Ritter, because the dude is a poet and a novelist disguised as a songwriter:
    I can feel the world circling/sniffing round me in the night/and the lost sheep grow teeth/forsake the lambs and lie with the lions

  4. bloody awful poetry

    Love most of these songs, have not heard the ones by Spoon, LCD Soundsystem or Electric President.

    Favourite lyric of the year, probably because I happen to be listening to it right now ; “I walk upon the water like it’s easier than land/Evil’s in my pocket and your will is in my hand”. Never gets old.
    And great list!

  5. Barb: I really must listen to some Josh Ritter, I’ve heard so many good things about him and those are some great lyrics. I will have to add him to my que!

    BAP: Brilliant lyrics. I have to go back and sort through your list – there were so many things I hadn’t heard of. I need to charge up the ipod with new music for my flight back.

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