still marveling over the fact that we played charades for 4 hours last night.

have no desire to go out and brave the crowds for boxing day. thinking today will be a good day for gingerbread house adventures.  last years will be hard to top, but i have some sketches. it will be nightmare before xmas style, methinks.

wondering what i am not allergic too.

realising i should never purchase electronics for the parentals because i will be the one to hook everything up.

thinking i really need to get caught up on my music listening, but realistically that will have to wait until i am back in Van.

wondering if i will wake up the rest of the household with my waffle making. its a risk, but i’m starving.

wondering what dvd series to start on next. continue with my golden girls, or start in on alias.

currently…you are?



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5 responses to “currently…

  1. A nightmare before Christmas gingerbread house sounds like just the thing for the day! I too am actively avoiding malls today; evidently Chinook mall is expecting 75,000 through its doors today. I will not be among them.

    I am snacking on leftovers, still shaking my head over the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes we watched last night, and observing Get Your Own Goddamn Supper Day.

  2. I’m excited. I’m just finishing off my list of supplies now. It’s bitterly cold out today though, so I’m working up the courage to go outside.

    Shuddering at the thought of 75,000 people in a mall. You are very wise to stay away!

    Ha! I love Get Your Own Goddamn Supper Day. Gotta tell that to my Ma.

  3. Hey Domingo!

    waking up to waffles is never a bad thing, unless the waffle maker won’t share.

    Currently I am enjoying a nice pour over coffee, such a little thing but I enjoy it so much.

    Wondering if I should brave the boxing day crowds and see True Grit.

    Thinking most of the reason I didn’t make a 2010 song list is because I didn’t listen to everything I should have.

  4. kelly

    I did not realize waffle making was a noisy venture. I have never believed boxing day and shopping should go hand in hand.

    Serious! Golden Girls? hmmm. Who’d a thunk it.

    I am currently cooking up a storm, Tortierre for 12

  5. F: I shared. Eventually. The first one always needs to be tested, right? ;)

    I’m not sure what a pour over coffee is, but glad you are enjoying it. I’ve been enjoying the fancy tea I brought back from England lately.

    Usually matinées are fairly safe ventures. People might still be in turkey comas, you may be in luck.

    Fair enough. I missed your list, but there’s always next year!

    Kelly: Well, I had to get out the waffle maker from the back of the cupboard, which involved moving a lot of pots and pans. Plus, my house is really creaky, so as soon as I step out of my bedroom everyone stirs. Made sneaking out as a teen very hard.

    The dvd box set came with a replica of Sophia’s purse. Happy, I was.

    I hope it turns out. I am currently waiting for my cereal treats to cool so I can roll out fondant over them to continue on with the ‘gingerbread house’, which is little less classy then tourtiere. ;)

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