random pictures snapped this week

i haven’t really been taking too many photographs on this trip. mainly because it wasn’t a tourist holiday, and also taking pictures was really hard to manage while feeling dizzy. thankfully we started snapping a few in the last day. i’ll post the ones from oxford soon.

who doesn’t love a little scrabble street art?

portobello road

ali perusing the shops

wise words

finally a shop specifically devoted to doorknobs! what to choose…

notting hill reminds me a bit of camden town. lots of little shops.

thomas 2.0! you may remember ali and i’s tree from Belgium…

we’re looking for a name for the tree topper…suggestions?

only ali would have matching xmas wrapping paper

this is what it feels like inside my head when i’m dizzy…blur

happy holidays from west hampstead!



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3 responses to “random pictures snapped this week

  1. The tree looks lovely! Very Christmassy in a nicely compact package. You and Ali do look like you are having fun, and I am heartened to see that the snow seems to be melted. Fingers crossed that you can make it home on Thursday!

    Strangely, I just started reading Ruth Rendell’s Portobello. How’s that for coincidence?

  2. Definitely compact. :) Perfect for a cozy London flat. Haven’t checked the weather yet today, going to ring the airline in a few minutes here to see if all is a go. Fingers crossed!

  3. bloody awful poetry

    Portobello Road is gorgeous! Also that Don’t Trust The Cat sign, I need that in my life. Have a lovely Christmas :)

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