Managed to make it back to Londontown, although the journey took about 5 hours. It normally takes an hour.

We are not heading to France, as Eurostar ques are about 8 hours long.

Heathrow’s main terminals are no longer accepting travelers. Although I am hopeful, I do not think I will be home for Xmas. At least I am in good company, and more things are opening now. Most things were closed this weekend.

Britain, especially the south are incredibly unprepared for any type of weather change. It’s actually quite appalling how things are being handled. I don’t feel like going into full on rant mode at the moment, but I will say I had a laugh when on the train today back from Oxford and we were literally packed in like sardines and the bloody rail service managed to push on a tea trolley (which took up about 5 spots) instead of more passengers.

I’ve never heard more people yell obscenities at once.

I guess someone thought that even though the rail cars had no heat, one might fancy lamb and mint crisps.



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3 responses to “muppets

  1. We have been talking about you all day, wondering how on earth you were going to make it home.

    I so sorry to hear that you may be stranded, but at least you are back in London. Hogwarts, one suspects, is not the place to spend Christmas. Stay warm, stay safe, and try to have some fun.

  2. kelly

    Yes, I was wondering what you got yourself into over there. Good luck and as Barb says have fun

  3. I am more hopeful today than I was yesterday. Another runway is supposed to be open within hours, and they seem to be operating more long haul flights. The flight I am supposed to travel on for Thursday, did leave Heathrow today. Fingers crossed!

    Today was much better, although the dizziness seems to have returned this afternoon, we are having fun. It’s nice to not be a tourist, for once.

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