tucked into the cotswolds

watching Q & I with Stephen Fry on telly eating maltesers, drinking tea, laughing with friends. this episode guests have to answer in cockney rhyming slang. quite hilarious.

i learned some new slang tonight.

J: I think she’s trying to be a lollipop lady!

Me: A what?

J: One of those people who cross the kids on the corner. With the sign that looks like a lolly.

Me: (laughing) Do you mean a crossing guard?

J: Well isn’t that official.

heard any good slang lately?

p.s. We’re snowed in here in Oxford. Most of the south is closed due to the weather. BA has even cancelled all flights out of Heathrow and Gatwick. Hopefully we can make it back to London on monday, and that things will have quieted by the time I need to fly home. Other casulaties this weekend already – my sunflower hat. Lost somewhere at Hogwarts. I hope it finds a good home. Perhaps with my lost mitten. I need to put strings on my outerwear, clearly.




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3 responses to “tucked into the cotswolds

  1. One can only hope that the sunflower hat has been pressed into service at Oxford as an invisibility sunflower hat. I heard they were actively looking for recruits.

  2. Welcome to Europe! Hopefully the weather doesn’t cause too much disruption to your plans.

  3. Barb: ha! One can only help. I am hoping I might be able to find another soon. :)

    Swallowholid: Thanks! It’s lovely to be back – I have really missed England. Had a lovely pub lunch and wander through town today. Building a snowman is fun, but yes, we’re hoping we can travel again tomorrow.

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