eating a honeycrisp apple and having high hopes it stays down.

showered and dressed in actual clothes not pj’s for the first time since last monday. still dizzy, but small steps.

realizing cats and perfume are my kryptonite.

about to settle into the third disc of the second season of golden girls. i was allowed to open one of my gifts early this year (the box set). although it doesn’t help with the vertigo, there are many life lessons to be learned from those four.  oh, did i mention it came with a replica of Sophia’s purse? pictures to follow. and if you happen to run into me in the next little while and i burst out into the theme song you’ll know why.

seriously pondering getting this odd whisk-like scalp massager i saw at shoppers. or purchasing a shoulder elf to sit and rub my temples so my migraine goes away.

still gobsmacked over the compassion a total stranger had towards me on the plane out here. restored my faith in humanity. which is good, as it was lost thanks to a couple other choice few on the first leg.

realizing i haven’t listened to music in a week. i don’t think that’s ever happened before.

currently…you are?



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7 responses to “currently…

  1. Currently I am sitting in front of my SAD lamp trying to get some fake rays into me!

  2. And I’m cloaked in darkness trying to keep the sun out. ;)

  3. kelly

    just settling back with a glass of wine after a good dog walk in the fog, even though it’s damp and cool a foggy day is kind of comforting.

    trying to decide if there is any way I can afford to buy a used zodiac boat tha ti’ve been looking at. Would like to travel up island into some of the hidden bays and inlets and camp.

  4. admiring the decorations and affirming yet again that there is nothing like fresh conifer boughs

  5. iduality

    Kelly: That weather sounds lovely. Makes me miss Van. It’s a balmy -20 at the moment here.

    Hopefully you’re able to find one!

    Barb: One of my favourite parts of the holiday is decorating the mantle and sitting back with a cuppa looking at the tree lights! Do take some pictures.

  6. I’m just finishing a coffee and trying to get up the oomph to go to work.

  7. iduality

    Hopefully coffee did the trick. I’m in holiday mode now until the new year, so naturally I am up early. Everyone knows you can never sleep in when you can.

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