he made me a tape of joy division

Sometimes words get stuck in my head. I’ll replay them like a song on repeat for a few days or have to use them frequently in my dialogue to get them out of my system. Often times they aren’t even fun words. Lately I’ve been hearing inevitability over and over. I’m not sure why.

Inevitable: Incapable of being avoided or evaded.

Surprise: To come upon or discover suddenly and unexpectedly.

What are three inevitable things that will happen to you this week?

What are three things that have surprised you in the past little while?



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2 responses to “he made me a tape of joy division

  1. What an interesting phenomenon, this hearing words on repeat. I sometimes get an echo of a word, but it’s generally shortlived.

    I’m pondering all the inevitables and all the surprises, and they are all disturbingly negative, so I had better think up some different ones.

  2. I’m hoping that the word changes soon. I don’t so much like that one anymore, given this week.

    Me too. Me too.

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