installation nightmares

i take it back.

severed porcelain doll heads scare me more than nutcrackers.

i’m starting to wonder if i work in a museum or a creepy doll graveyard.

i guess it could be worse.

they could be porcelain clowns.

any interesting finds lately?



Filed under curator chronicles

3 responses to “installation nightmares

  1. elf

    Can you make the porcelain dolls and the nutcrackers battle it out in ring made of teapots?
    That’s something I’d like to see at a museum!

  2. Dolls are creepy at the best of times, but to find severed heads at work, that is a green light to run out of there screaming.

  3. F: Ha! I did find a toy tea set in the same box…perhaps that was already the intention. ;)

    Barb: I have that feeling most days here. I should act on it.

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