i should be, but instead…


but i’m finishing my top 20 songs of 2010

going over inventory notes

but texting jokes about horrible reality tv with my friend annie is more fun

creating a to-do list for the next few weeks

but listening to a song on repeat 20 times whilst wrapped in a blanket has me completely zoned out

making dinner

but i will have microwave popcorn and tea instead, or maybe hot coco

editing displays

but i’m researching future exhibition plans

working on a joint creative project

but i’m over-thinking, as usual

ending this post…

you should be, but instead…you are?



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6 responses to “i should be, but instead…

  1. You have your top 20 song list already? Ghurl, you don’t need to do ANYTHING else this year.

    I should be thinking about going to bed, but instead I can’t quite get off the chesterfield.

  2. Ha! Yes, it’s done I just have to upload the links. I wanted to get it done and up before I went on holidays. Nevermind packing and gift buying, this is more important. ;) I think I will post it on Dec. 10.

    I need to make that move too. Sigh.

  3. ali

    Correction: making tea and microwave popcorn IS making dinner.

  4. So I can expected a nice, home popped meal when I visit? ;)

  5. I am with Barb on this one , never underestimate the significance of a top 20 list. This is important and necessary work not to be taken lightly, let the carpet lint be damned!

    Looking forward to your list!

  6. Shall be up next Friday! :) I may have to stretch it out to a Top 25 with some last minute additions.

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