i thought i might have heard you on the radio

I spend the majority of my work day either researching, or writing.

It takes a certain level of concentration, and I find that I cannot always listen to music in the background because its just too distracting. I will inevitably get pulled into the lyrics, or the beat and become sidetracked. This is also is the greatest things about music – the ability to transport you somewhere else.¬†Unfortunately, when you really need to be transported directly into your work and finish the task at hand, it’s a bit difficult.

Lately, at work, I have found myself listening to more talk radio. Just having some form of sound on in the background that I can tune out, besides the sound of cars off the motorway, helps. Still, I miss listening to music. So I started to think of good albums that can be used as mellow background music (is that a diss?), and soon realised a lot of my current musical library does not house such things. Or if it does, it’s hiding. I need to create a music catalogue that I can filter search such things. Okay, that’s the curator talking. So, friends, help me out…remember it has to outshine Stephen Fry’s voice coming from the next room.

What do you listen to while you’re working? Writing?



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3 responses to “i thought i might have heard you on the radio

  1. kelly

    generally nothing. I don’t need silence but I find music distracting.

  2. If I really need to concentrate while writing, I favour music without too many words. I have found the Nick Cave/Warren Ellis soundtracks to be particularly suitable. Big thumbs for the Proposition and the Road.

    Classical music works well too. I think that stems from listening almost exclusively to classical while writing my masters thesis. In those pre-ipod days it was the music that my office mate and I could agree upon.

  3. I will have to suss out those soundtracks then – thanks!

    It’s nice when office mates can agree on a sound. I’ve been trying to recall what I listened to when I wrote my undergrad thesis. I know it was more instrumental. I didn’t listen to anything while writing my Masters. Well, the drip-drop from my leaky flat. ;)

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