time to put the earphones on

I think that the accordion is making a comeback.

I keep noticing it more and more these days. In music. Not on the street or anything. Although that would be a welcome treat. There should be more accordion buskers.

The violin was the new handclap, and now I think the  accordion is the new violin.

Something that has made you do a double take recently?

For me it was this picture. As an art piece, I love it, but wouldn’t it be great if it was actually a usable tea bag, too? I should make them. I have edible ink…



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8 responses to “time to put the earphones on

  1. elf

    Pardon me is that Stephen Fry in your tea?

  2. Indeed. At first glance I thought one of the pictures was Poe. I have tea filters…I need to make some of these.

  3. Accordions are everywhere these days, it seems. There was one in the play I saw this weekend. Have you noticed that accordion players are almost always bearded. With the exception of the women, generally.

  4. Glad I’m not the only one to notice this trend! I have not noticed the correlation with accordions and beards though. I will have to pay more attention. :)

  5. kelly

    When I was young, I think about 10 I took accordian lessons. It was a painful experience and I think accordian players were considered total geeks.

  6. I’ve always thought they were intriguing. Mainly because at my grandmother’s house there was one to play with, along with an organ. It was fun to annoy my brother with. Can see how it’d be painful if you were forced to take lessons though.

  7. I inherited an accordion and have been messing around with it recently. I’m very bad at it, but I don’t have a beard, so maybe that’s my problem. I’ll have to grow one and see if my accordion-chops improve. (And I think the bearded youngsters are into all the eclectic old instruments: hurdy-gurdies, balailaikas, you name it. (Apologies for butchering the spelling of those undoubtedly noble instruments.))

  8. Definitely have to see if a beard improves the accordion playing. Perhaps while wearing an ironic t-shirt will help, too. ;)

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