in a different place

I think John said it, but I’ll repeat it.

The new Harry Potter film just isn’t the same without Hogwarts. It’s been a while since I read the last book, so I can’t even recall if it was in the book (someone help me out here), but it was noticeably absent. I even found myself dreaming about castles last night. I guess it’s a good thing I am soon going to Oxford, and can get my fix.

I’ve always had a fascination with turrets, or cupolas. One of the very first museums I worked at in Van had a cupola and even in the dead of summer I’d still go up there and have a tea break. It was in the West End, and you could see over all the trees and look directly out onto English Bay. Truly beautiful.

There is something so peaceful, magical even, having a view so suspended. That’s why I envy gargoyles.

I would like to retire in a castle, in the country with a turret or cupola. In England, of course. Yes. Maybe it would overlook a heath, like in an Ann Radcliffe novel, or something. Wouldn’t that be grand. It’d have to have modern conveniences though. How else would I get to chat with you all?

Do you have a fantasy house? Where would it be?



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3 responses to “in a different place

  1. I miss Hogwarts already!

    My fantasy house is just waiting for me to move in – FLW’s Fallingwater. I’m just waiting for the call…

  2. bloody awful poetry

    Now that you pointed it out, it certainly does feel strange not to have Hogwarts around. Even the brief scene in the train didn’t really make up for it.

    I don’t really have a specific fantasy home or anything like that, but I did have a short phase where I wanted to live in a house next to a waterfall. This came after I read “Everything Is Illuminated” for the first time.

  3. Barb: I need to re-watch the first films to get my fix!

    Excellent choice! Love FLW. When you get the call, be sure to have us all over for tea. ;)

    BAP: Yeah, there needs to be more supporting characters in the film to make it feel like the books. They totally could have just made this one film.

    I can see that. I’d have to been near some water too. Even if it’s not visible, I just need to know it’s there.

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